In loving memory

FIXED PRICE @ 40,- MAILTO: BORIS@PUSHINGUPDAISY.NL Daisy was born due to the influence of humans. Daisy got ill as result of human behaviour. Daisy was chopped down by a human. Her whole life Daisy was exposed to the behaviour of humans. Therefor the only way to remember Daisy is in a humane manner. In Loving Memory.

Tim Straver

If you ask Google Translate for a free translation of 'tim straver', the result is 'deze (dutch for this) straver'. From Utrecht Kanaleneiland deze straver works on several independent-, school-, and applied projects. Recent independent projects show an interest for animation and video editing. The most fundamental starting point for most independent project is the drive for visual experimenting. deze straver is a third-year Graphic Design student at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. www.dezestraver.nl