- bird -

The origin of this work grew out of the fascination of life and death. As cruel as it sounds, death gives back life and creation. As was exactly the base of the Pushing up Daisy project. With this in mind I created the remains of a bird to symbolise the life of daisy, and the life daisy has given in the 70 years she stood on this earth. Underneath the bird skull is the soil out of which a solid base grows, a new tree, a work of art? It all connects back to the circle of life.

Thorwald van den Akker

After graduating graphic design at Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam, I started experimenting with all sorts of ways to express my thoughts, while drawing and painting always stays in my roots, my focus began to shift more to videography. In 2011 I started Touché Collective with a couple of friends, a creative collective in which we can support and push each other to cross our creative boundaries.